Please kindly read our business policies and important updates. Your understanding and consent are highly appreciated.

  • Cancellation/Exchange/Refund

Our general sales policy is based on no-cancellation, no-exchange, and no-refund. Provided your purchase demonstrates a certain defect such as physical damage, poor quality, or expiration of products, we will review your claim and arrange a new item shipping without charge or any proper compensation upon validation. 

  • Selling Price Policy for Non-Hong Kong Markets

Our product selling prices are set in Hong Kong Dollar and converted to your currency based on the currency exchange rate we apply. Therefore, please note that our selling prices are subject to the volatility of currency exchange rate and can be changed at any time.

  • Regional Duty and Tax Payment Policy for Non-Hong Kong Markets

Please note that all the products we sell are shipped out from our fulfillment center located in Hong Kong and blanc doux HK is not responsible for any duty or tax levied by destination country. All the duty and tax of destination country must be paid by customer. 

Below is the duty and tax guide of Taiwan and Macao for your reference. (Note: blanc doux HK is not responsible for any change or difference in the information.)

Macao is a free port and doesn't levy tax and duty.
     A. Import Duty Rate
     - 3,000 TWD and over including shipping cost: 5.04%
     - Below 3,000 TWD, duty is not imposed.

     B. Other Taxes: The following taxes could be charged. 
      - VAT (5%)
      - Trade Promotion Tax (0.04%)